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About African American Student Services

Originally African American Student Services existed under the Afro-American Studies program at UNM and was created in the late 1960s as a result of Black student activism at UNM. In the early 1980's, African American Student Services was created as a student service department under Student Affairs. Since it's inception, the office has provided a space for Black students to collectively organize on this campus.

African American Student Services understands that students often require a holistic approach to academic support. The program strives to provide an environment which is sensitive to the culture and history of African Americans/Blacks and assist students in achieving their educational goals.

African American Student Services is committed to recognizing the differences within the African American culture, appreciating other cultures, and promoting programs within the university and the surrounding community that provide a cross-cultural perspective. Our staff is available to support the personal, academic, educational, and social development of students. This office is not a duplicate of other services on the campus, but rather it concentrates on the special concerns that arise from the experience of being an African American/Black on a pre-dominantly white campus. All students, regardless of ethnicity, are encouraged to participate in our cultural and academic programming.


Former Directors

  • Juba Clayton
  • Shirley Strong
  • Tony Franklin
  • Brenda Chandler
  • Aswad Allen, PhD
  • Wm. Scott Carreathers, M.Ed.
  • Brandi Stone, MPA (current)