Research Opportunities



The Ubuntu Research Program is a cohort-based research initiative sponsored by the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) African American Student Services (AASS). Ubuntu provides a supportive environment, culturally responsible curriculum, and compensatory activities to support and empower Black students who are interested in research-based careers.


One of our key objectives is to increase the representation of Black students in nationally renowned research programs and graduate schools. We believe that by providing the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance, we can create pathways for our students to access these opportunities and ensure that our students have equitable opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. We are committed to expanding the range of opportunities available to our students and to fostering their academic and intellectual growth and achievement. This includes encouraging participation in conferences (I.e., Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference- UROCK), increasing their attendance at academic events, and promoting collaboration with faculty.


By providing these enriching experiences, we aim to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to become leaders in our community and their respective fields. We believe in the importance of cultivating leadership qualities and encouraging active community engagement. We seek to instill a strong research identity in our students, enabling them to recognize their value as researchers and scholars and to embrace their unique perspectives and contributions to the knowledge production process. Moreover, our program addresses Black students’ disconnection from academia, research, and graduate school.



Ubuntu provides students with a unique opportunity to explore their research interests, conduct and present their research proposals to the public, and explore their interest in academia and/or research-based careers. Our hope is to increase our scholars’ salience in the community, their leadership, community engagement, and research identity confidence. Through our programming we aim to increase feelings of belongingness and research identity confidence by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and opportunity to do so. Our program is designed with three main components:

1. Instructional Curriculum: our curriculum centers the experiences of Black people as research subjects and as researchers.
2. Educational Spring Break Trip: our spring break trip is composed of campus tours to R1 universities; visits to culturally relevant museums, landmarks, and monuments; and embodies joy. Expenses for this trip are paid by AASS.
3. Community Engagement: successful program completion requires that students present their research proposals to the community.

By participating in the program, students should (1) develop a solid foundation in qualitative research methodology, (2) be able to engage in meaningful and culturally responsive research within Black communities, and (3) become competitive applicants in nationally renowned research programs, graduate schools, and research careers.



Must be an undergraduate student enrolled at the University of New Mexico

Recommended to have a 2.5+ GPA,

Have 30+ credit hours.

Sophomores are given preference.

Interested in research that centers the Black community.

Required to attend weekly meetings for an academic year (approximately 20 total).


Application will open in August and close in September.

Meetings will begin in October.

Applications for the 2024-25 cohort will open in September. For more information email,