Benefits of Summer Scholars Bridge Academy


The African American Student Services Summer Bridge Academy is a two-week rigorous academic and cultural residential summer program that facilitates the transition of students from high school to the university and acclimation to the University of New Mexico. The Academy is designed to challenge students and introduce them to the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) programs, Social-Behavioral Science programs, and connect them with essential resources and tools at the university with an emphasis on cultural competency. The African American Student Services Summer Bridge Academy staff is composed of instructors, advisors, and students who are committed to your students’ successful transition to the University of New Mexico.The Academy will consist of students completing an Introduction to Africana Studies course during the month of June. During the Academy, students will live on campus in one of our residence halls, which will enhance the student’s experience by extending learning beyond the traditional classroom, networking with their peers, and learning to live independently. Living in the residence halls also includes a meal plan. The Academy staff will also provide programming that includes a variety of social/cultural learning activities.One of the most amazing things of being one of the ten selected students to be a part of the African American Student Services Summer Scholars Academy is that the program is completely paid for!